The launch of “Social Points” in the Banca del Monte di Lucca: new opportunities for associations and companies

LUCCA, March 30 – Beginning on April 1, the launch of Social Points in the BML: new opportunities for companies and associations via the Intesa Association booths, offering advice and free services thanks to the contribution of the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation and to the collaboration of BML.

The service offers free information points, also available in the Lunata and Viareggio branches, dedicated to associations, businesses (small and medium, artisans, professionals) and aspiring entrepreneurs, with special attention on attempting to develop communication between profit and non-profit organisations, in a virtuous cycle that presents advantages for both sides.

The initiative, supported by the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation, has been conceived and proposed by the Intesa Association ( and is aimed at servicing the territories of Lucca, Pistoia, Pisa and Livorno.

The associations are accompanied along their paths of fiscal, legal and organisational  transformation, through development and growth into new realities for managing commercial and entrepreneurial activities or during the activation of innovative fundraising operations.

Entrepreneurs can take advantage of services dedicated to the processes of social reporting or of social responsibility and to the development of partnerships with non-profit organisations.

Those driven to make an entrepreneurial start-up a reality can receive support in the development of ideas concerning the social enterprise.

The “Social Point” are available at Banca del Monte di Lucca branches in Lucca (Piazza San Martino, 4) on the first Wednesday of the month, in Lunata (Capannori Via della Madonnina, 2) the second Wednesday of the month and in Viareggio (Via dei Lecci), the third Wednesday of the month, between 9 – 12, until December 2015 (except during the month of August).

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