Fear and Loathing during the… Lucca Effetto Cinema Notte event: Terry Gilliam will personally transform the Amphitheatre into a “Circus” inspired by his visionary talent

LUCCA, March 4 – It will be none other than Terry Gilliam in person to sign his name to the great conceptual installation on his filmography, which will come to life during the evening of Saturday, March 21 – from 7:00 PM in piazza Anfiteatro (free admission), as the main initiative of the “Lucca Effetto Cinema Notte” event, the long-awaited evening sponsored by the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation and organised together with the Municipality of Lucca, now in its third edition.

The title of the event is “Terry Gilliam’s Movie Circus”, co-produced by the Lucca Effetto Cinema initiative and the Lucca Film Festival, and made possible thanks to the contribution of CG Entertainment and the premises of the square involved. Inside one of the most beautiful squares in the world, Gilliam’s 8 most famous films will be re-created.

His masterpieces, indelibly engraved in the collective imagination, will be brought to life again in the largest installation ever created on his films.

A unique international event, created to celebrate the world of cinema itself, and at the same time to promote and revive the city of Lucca around the world.

“Terry Gilliam’s Movie Circus” will be the beating heart of “Lucca Effetto Cinema Notte”, an event of enormous proportions in its third edition, which will see the entire city Centre transformed into a monumental film set.

Official “Lucca Effetto Cinema Notte 2015” poster

The work of painter and Illustrator Maria Guida, the official poster of “Lec Notte 2015” was created using mixed media, watercolour, oil pastels, oil paints and collage.

Lucca Effetto Cinema App

Created by PizeroDesign, the official “Lucca Effetto Cinema” app will soon be available for all iOS and Android smartphones and will contain all the information required to help visitors best enjoy the evening.

Lucca Effetto Cinema After Party

A new sub-brand of this third edition of the event, the initiative relates to the great and fashionable tradition of the most famous film festivals in the world, which see at the end of the screenings, the beginning of great parties organised by the production and distribution houses.

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