Success for the second edition of the school competition dedicated to Father Arturo Paoli

LUCCA, March 2 – More than 400 students from across Italy, for the second edition of the school competition dedicated to the figure of Father Arturo Paoli, an initiative launched by the Arturo Paoli  Documentation Fund managed by the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation.

Nearly 70 works created using different expressive techniques, from painting to video, from poetry to photographic narratives, to written texts, presented on the occasion of the “Walking, opens pathways”, involving middle school and high school students. A remarkable response not only in terms of quantity, but also taking into consideration the originality and the care with which the works were executed and prepared.

The prize aims to familiarise young people with the figure of Arturo Paoli and to promote reflection on the meaning and the motivations associated with “travelling”, following in the footsteps of brother Arturo.

The book titled “La pazienza del nulla” (Chiarelettere Edition, 2012) is the subject of the competition, narrative in which Paoli recounts the experience of his thirteen month journey in the desert of Algeria, a voyage that represented a key moment of his long life. The participants guided by their teachers, read, discussed and worked beginning with and inspired by Arturo Paoli book, made available by the Chiarelettre Publisher in e-book format.

The submitted works will be judged by a jury composed of 5 members.

The presentation of the works and the award ceremony will be held on Tuesday April 21, 2015 at 5:00 PM in Lucca, in the Auditorium of the Banca del Monte Foundation. The ceremony will be attended by a dear friend of brother Arturo, don Luigi Verdi, founder of the fraternity of Romena.

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