Maurizio Malagnini in conversation and live recital

LONDON (UK), 27 March – On Saturday, as part of the Italian Film Festival, Maurizio Malagnini, accompanied by Violin and Violoncello, played out a few of his compositions to an eager audience at The Italian Cultural Institute.

Maurizio Malagnini is a successful composer who lives in London and has produced scores for the popular channels in the UK such as BBC, ITV, SKY as well as for Italian channel, RAI. He also collaborated with the famous cartoon animator Bruno Bozzetto.

It was one of the few public interactions that the young talented musician has had but he was at ease when he narrated the story of his life and his music.

During the talk, clips of his work were projected so as to give the audience an opportunity to understand more about his compositions and how they were created.

In the end we had the chance to watch a clip from a film before and after the score to understand how certain moments can change dramatically and how the music can bring out meanings which would have not been captured otherwise or mutate the feelings of the audience.

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