Italian retail is: food. La Dolce Vita

LONDON (UK), 12 March – This has been the weekend of La Dolce Vita, the fair brings a bit of Italy to London.

This ninth edition hosted a hundred Italian companies, most of which were food and drink producers, amongst others, but it makes sense to have the former predominate. Cuisine is one of the last genuine aspects remaining of Italian culture, not “Made in Foreign Lands”. 

It seemed as though, a number of people were willing to buy certain Italian products one-off for their “exotic” quotient and novelty value but in the end, would go back to products that were easily available off supermarket shelves, products they were already familiar with. 

Across Italy dish by dish, glass by glass. Is this our New Deal? Can traditional products that can be found in local markets across Italian cities help us survive in the global market? Or are we destined to become a foreign land defined by picturesque landscapes and exquisite cuisine.

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