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Italian wine tourism in the United States

14-02-2012 / Society and Environment / Emanuele Capoano

ROME, 14 febbraio -  Wine tourism in Italy generates five billion euros a year, just-released data shows. According to data released at the International Wine Tourism Conference that was held for the first time in Italy this month, some three million people are involved in the sector, Ansa news agency reported.

Among Italy’s regions, Tuscany has made, as always, the biggest contribution to the market of wine.

Italian wine is not only an high-quality product, but an integral part of the history, culture and tradition of our country, thus wine tourists enjoy discovering the contest beyond it”, Chiara Lungarotti , President of the Wine Tourism Movement stressed. The cultural situation is not helping instead in the U.S.: restrictions of age and tabu about alcohol are some examples, expecially in the cases when usually an under-twentyfirst drink just a glass of wine during an holiday party in family. In North-America is increasing in fact the mass market. For these reasons, last Wine Expo in Boston followed the river avoiding to lesser known Italian Wine’s market: here only big corporations were presents, despite the market is always interested about growing popularity of Italy’s new organic wines and those made with sustainable farming methods.

But it is not just the wine tourism to thrive these days, also the exports. The world may be struggling through the harshest financial crisis since the post-WWII period, but Italy’s vineyards are doing better than ever.

Apparently, spending cuts and high unemployment have increased the world’s love of Chianti and Barolo, with Italian wine export increasing 14 percent: this past year, making it the largest sector of national food exports, valued at 4 billion euro.

Experts expect the growth in wine exports to continue through the next year, too, mainly because of the increase of medium-priced wines’ costing less than 5 euro and “fine wines” priced over 50.


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