UNESCO Clubs Federation to meet in Lucca, Andrea Bocelli to perform as part of event

ROME, 18 February – The programme for the Council of the UNESCO World Federation of Clubs (WFUCA) was presented in Rome today at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. The WFUCA Council meeting will be held from 8 to 12 March in Lucca, the only Italian candidate for the UNESCO ‘Creative City of Music’ award. The network of Creative Cities, which includes Bologna, Seville (Spain) Glasgow (UK) and Gent (Belgium), aims to link cities where cultural creativity is an essential element for economic development. 

The Executive Council of WFUCA is responsible for implementing the programs adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO. Every year an international conference is held and the theme of the event in Lucca will be “The universal language of music and art for global ethics”.

The event is being held to coincide with the establishment of the ‘World Ethics Day’ on 11 March, the anniversary of the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and soprano Katia Riccarelli will both perform during the four-day event, which will showcase Lucca’s musical culture and heritage. Over 100 delegates from all over the world will be attending.

The summit was inspired by the appeal of UNESCO for a new humanism as an antidote to the current crisis of civilisation,” said the organisers in a statement released today.

Lucca was chosen as a location for this international event not only for the contribution it has made to the world of music through musicians and Lucca natives Giacomo Puccini and Luigi Boccherini, but also because the city has preserved a large part of its architectural and environmental heritage.

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